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Help defend science education in Tennessee

An anti-evolution and climate change-denying bill (SB 893/HB 368) could come to a vote in the Tennessee legislature as early as Monday, March 19. The teachers, parents, and scientists of Tennessee need your help to stop it.

Don't Diss Darwin


Creationism is coming to a campus near you.

List of Current Signatories

Writing Letters to Editors

Even if you are not eligible to sign this statement, there are lots of ways to support good science education. For example, if your local newspapers cover the AIG “museum,” be sure to respond to any inaccurate representations. Write a letter to the editor!

Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana Institutions Represented

The statement of concern has been signed by scientists from the institutions below.

Please note: This list is provided for reference only. It does not imply endorsement by the institutions listed.


Alice Lloyd Coll
Bellarmine Univ
Berea Coll
Big Sandy Comm and Tech Coll
Bluegrass Comm Coll
Campbellsville Univ
Centre Coll
Eastern Kentucky Univ
Georgetown Coll
Hazard Comm and Tech Coll
Henderson Comm Coll
Kentucky Archeological Survey
Lindsey Wilson Coll
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