Continuing support for Louisiana repeal effort

Adding their support for the effort to repeal Louisiana's antievolution law are the New Orleans City Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Senate Bill 70, would, if enacted, repeal Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, passed and enacted in 2008.

Support for Louisiana repeal effort

Support for the effort to repeal Louisiana's antievolution law is mounting.

Polling evolution in Britain

Two questions in Public Attitudes to Science 2011, a survey conducted by Ipsos MORI in association with the British Science Association for the United Kingdom's Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, are relevant to the creationism/evolution controversy.

Geoscience teachers add their voice for evolution

The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a statement from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, issued in 2006.

A preview of The Darwinian Tourist

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Christopher Wills's The Darwinian Tourist: Viewing the World Through Evolutionary Eyes (Oxford University Press, 2010). The excerpt, chapter 1, takes a dive in Indonesia's Lembeh Strait as the chance to introduce the concept of common descent.

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