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"Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World"

This 2009 film contains everything that can be attained from a large budget — good cinematography, acting, graphics, script — as it persuasively leads the viewer to the "young earth" mindset. The Skeptic published this review:

"Genomic equivalence"

Explore Evolution quotes Jonathan Wells, a senior fellow of the creationist Discovery Institute, in support the claim that "assembly instructions" are not solely in DNA. Inaccurately citing Wells as a "developmental biologist," the footnote quotes from Wells' creationist work Icons of Evolution, critiqued elsewhere on NCSE's website:

DNA and CD players

According to Explore Evolution:


Explore Evolution is part of a longstanding effort by creationists, many of them authors of Explore Evolution, to mischaracterize and obscure scientific critiques of a gene-centric view of biology.

Other sources

Explore Evolution asserts:

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