Friend of Darwin Awards

NCSE's Friend of Darwin award is conferred annually to people (and occasionally organizations) whose efforts to support NCSE and advance its goals have been truly outstanding. The most recent recipients are Judy Scotchmoor and Zach Kopplin for 2012.

Previous Recipients

Bruce Alberts
Brian Alters
Philip Appleman
Ken Atkins
John Banister-Marx
Ed Barber
Yves Barbero
Gary L. Bennett
Marshall Berman
Ed Brayton
Aralene "Barrie" D. Callahan*
Frederick B. Callahan*
Robert Cashner
Rob Dillon
Fred Edwords
Niles Eldredge
Wesley R. Elsberry
Susan Epperson
Marjorie Esman
Beth Eveland*
Deborah Fenimore*
Richard Firenze
Barbara Forrest
Steve Gey
Lee Hartz
Brandon Haught
John F. Haught
David Hillis
Victor Hutchison
M. Kim Johnson
Philip Kitcher
Tammy Kitzmiller*
Lawrence Krauss
Jack Krebs
Lawrence S. Lerner
Joel Lieb*
Jere Lipps
Betty McCollister
Kenneth R. Miller
Steve Mirsky
Randy Moore
Robert T. Pennock
Patricia Princehouse
Bryan Rehm*
Christy Rehm*
Steve Rissing
Thomas Charles Sager
Steven Schafersman
Gerald Skoog
Julie Smith*
Cynthia Sneath*
Frank Sonleitner
Alan Spector
Steven Stough*
David E. Thomas
Richard Trott
Howard Van Till
Ira Walters
Ronald Wetherington
Joe Wolf
Carl Zimmer
Michael Zimmerman

* – Plaintiff in Kitzmiller v. Dover

The People of Kansas
Ravalli County (MT) Citizens for Science
Texas Freedom Network